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Balance Naturopathic Healthcare was founded in Los Angeles, California, by Dr. Margaret Schenck in the Spring of 2004.   Dr. Schenck is a specialist in Naturopathic Medicine, which involves the integration of both modern medical science and the traditions of ancient natural healing methods. As a Naturopathic Doctor, she is licensed to diagnose and treat health conditions in the state of California. She uses a variety of natural and non-invasive therapeutics to address health concerns, including clinical nutrition and nutraceuticals, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, stress management, and natural hormone therapy. Naturopathic Medicine is a complete and effective system of healthcare for the treatment of many disease conditions without additional intervention. Balance Naturopathic Healthcare is an integral part of Balance Westside Wellness. Naturopathic Medicine complements the treatments of conventionally trained medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, chiropractic doctors, and licensed acupuncturists. This results in a patient-centered approach striving to meet the health needs of every individual person in our care.


Dr. Schenck’s vision at Balance Naturopathic Healthcare is to help individuals heal on all levels of existence, being physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, while using gentle and scientifically proven natural therapies. She and the other practitioners, take a unique therapeutic approach by looking at the individual as a whole person, with the intention to empower the individual through education about the body systems while being a guiding force in the journey towards restoring and improving health. Listening, understanding, and encouraging the growth of a trusting relationship with our Naturopathic Doctor and practitioners  promotes access to the many layers involved in the healing process.

The practitioners at Balance Westside Wellness follow the Six Naturopathic Principles in each of their private practices. They strive to simultaneously meet people where they are and hold the space and the vision for their optimal self–to support them on their journey. They make every effort to connect with their patients/clients and cultivate the oh-so-important therapeutic relationship that is crucial to healing. They resonate most with botanicals and nutrition and active preventive medicine, but call on a wide variety of naturopathic treatments to best address a whole person, a family, and ultimately, a community and the planet.

Balance Naturopathic Healthcare Programs and Services:

Comprehensive Establishing Care Package: $350.00

Each new client receives a comprehensive two-part visit to establish care. The First Office Visit (60 minutes) is a thorough information gathering session with minimal treatment recommendations. The Second Office Visit (45 minutes) is educational and focused on establishing an individualized treatment protocol. The cost of the two visits combined is $350.00, with the First Office Visit being $250 and the Second Office Visit being $100. This package also includes an individualized treatment notebook for every patient.

Initial Acute Care Visit: $125.00

This is a One-Time Initial Visit (30 minutes) addressing a single acute health condition, such as an ear infection, cold or flu, infection, allergies, sinusitis, etc. If the patient then chooses to become an Established Patient, it s necessary to come in for a full hour ($200.00) patient information intake session with Dr. Margaret Schenck at a later date before further treatment is recommended.

Continuing Care Hourly Rate: $250.00/hour

Continuing Care Patient Visits are at an hourly rate of $250.00 per hour. This is the rate once the client has already established care, as described above. The length of time per visit may range from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the visit. Payment is expected at the time of the office visit.

  • 30 Minute Follow-Up (on-going treatment regimen or acute issue) $125.00
  • 45 Minute Follow-Up (on-going extensive treatment regimen) $185.00
  • 60 Minute Follow-Up (necessary to establish care if initial acute office visit) $250.00

Adult Healthcare

Well Women and Well Man Health Programs
Acute and Chronic Health Conditions
Preconception and Natural Fertility Services
Naturopathic Prenatal and Postpartum Care (does NOT include prenatal management or obstetric care)
Adult Naturopathic Therapeutic Programs
Gynecological Care including annual exams
Cervical Dysplasia management including Escarotic Treatments

Pediatric Healthcare

Pediatric Wellness Programs for Baby, Toddler, Child, and Adolescent
Acute and Chronic Pediatric Care
Pediatric Naturopathic Therapeutic Programs

B12 Injection Drop-In Clinic: $25.00 per injection

Come and get a B12 Injection in order to reduce stress, improve energy and mood, and support your immune system. Call us to check availability.

Homeopathic Hormone Balancing Injections: $25.00 per injection

Homeopathic solutions address imbalances from an energetic level, so you do not have the potential side effects of hormonal medications. And by combining the solutions with vitamin B12, you get an added boost of anti-inflammatory and energy-enhancing action. These injections can be used to address Hot Flashes, PMS, Mood Issues including Post-Partum Depression, Hormonal Migraines, Menstrual Cramps, and much more.

Detoxification Cleansing Program

Embark upon a ten- or 21-day cleansing program designed to meet your individual health goals.  Attending our four-week series on Tuesday evenings will provide you with a medical intake, bloodwork assessment, four class sessions for education and support, a ten- or 21-day nutritional regimen, a detox notebook, and a great sense of empowerment.  Supplements are an additional cost and range from $70-$200 depending on the program you choose. Pre-detox bloodwork is required and is $69. If you’ve had recent bloodwork done you may be exempt.

Detox Workshops are held every month and begin the first Tuesday of each month. Contact us to register or to request more information.

Women’s Gynecological Health and Wellness

As a patient of Balance Naturopathic Healthcare, you can expect compassionate, comprehensive, and individualized gynecological women’s healthcare. You will be listened to completely in a warm, professional, healing environment. You can find treatment for a wide range of conditions, including PMS and other menstrual issues, complaints of pregnancy, menopausal symptoms, vaginitis, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, infertility and more.

Services available for Women’s Wellness at Balance Naturopathic Healthcare include:

  • Gynecological services including annual exams and Pap testing
  • Escarotic Treatment (an alternative to LEEP for certain types of cervical dysplasia)
  • Preconception, fertility, and pregnancy support
  • Bio-identical hormones
  • Homeopathic hormone-balancing injections
  • Individualized weight loss programs

Optimal Fertility Health Program

This is a comprehensive health care program designed to enhance the fertility of anyone, with tailoring to meet your specific health needs and fertility goals. Optimal Fertility is a program that incorporates three distinct phases, for a total of fifteen months. Whether you are just starting on your family’s journey and you want to give yourself the gift of the healthiest pregnancy/birth/baby possible, or you’ve traveled far down the road of fertility without yet finding your way, this is the place for you.

Supplement Ordering

Established patients may order supplements through our office. Click here to view and download our supplement ordering policy, supplement order form, and credit card authorization form as a Word document. Click here for the PDF version.

Diagnostic and Functional Medicine Services

We use the following laboratories to ensure the most cutting-edge and accurate results with your testing.

General bloodwork is performed through LabCorp, a national laboratory with numerous locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Please visit their website to find one closest to you, or schedule your blood draw with Dr. Gerber in our office.

Meridian Valley
Functional medicine laboratory in the Seattle area that specializes in IgG and IgE Food and Environmental Allergies/Sensitivities, Gastrointestinal Testing, and extensive Hormone Panels.

Utilizes Pharmasan Labs’ technology to assess both neurotransmitter and hormonal status within the body to optimize function. It has a direct relationship with numerous health insurance companies for coverage.

Doctor’s Data
Functional medicine laboratory in the Chicago area that focuses on assessment of nutrient and gastrointestinal imbalances within the body.

US BioTek
Functional medicine laboratory in Seattle that has extensive testing options for IgG and IgE food and inhalant allergy/sensitivity testing as well as gastrointestinal and cardiovascular markers.

Spectracell uses whole blood cell analysis to determine vitamin and mineral levels in the body. Also provides comprehensive lipid profiles for assessing cardiovascular health.

ZRT assesses estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol levels using non-invasive salivary samples.

Body, Mind and Spirit, the latest scientific research, and the most trusted traditional wisdom: you will find the highest quality of total wellness care at Balance Naturopathic Healthcare. Contact us today to take that first step towards your health and happiness.