Jeannie Elmstrom is the Certified BodyTalk Practitioner at Balance Westside Wellness.

BodyTalk is a HEALING MODALITY that repairs you from the INSIDE OUT.

BodyTalk acknowledges the INNER WISDOM that keeps our hearts beating, our lungs breathing.
BodyTalk uses BIOFEEDBACK to communicate with that inner wisdom to RECONNECT pathways that have broken down due to STRESS.
BodyTalk uses MUSCLE TESTING to determine what YOUR BODY NEEDS and in WHAT ORDER.
BodyTalk is the FASTEST GROWING HEALTH SYSTEM in the world.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is an amazing new healing modality designed to bring harmony and communication to the body.  Created by John Veltheim in the mid-1990s, BodyTalk is one of the newest forms of energy medicine.  It is also the fastest growing health care system in the world.

BodyTalk acknowledges that within each of us is an innate wisdom that knows how to heal the body-mind complex.  Everyone has experienced the body’s own healing power—when you get a cut, scrape, or burn, your body forms a scab, then a scar that soon covers the original wound.  All this happens without much conscious effort from us—we don’t have to think about directing our white blood cells or lymph to a site of injury; the body does that of its own accord, much like the heart continues to beat and the lungs continue to breathe without any help from our conscious mind.
However, with continuous stress—whether it is emotional, physical, or mental—the body’s natural healing powers can become compromised.  When this occurs, communication within the body breaks down.  This is the root of disease in the body.

BodyTalk uses neuromuscular biofeedback to communicate directly with the body’s innate wisdom.  The practitioner quite literally talks to the body and asks, “What is the priority?” allowing the body to guide the practitioner to the specific sites between which communication has been compromised and restore that communication by tapping gently on the head.

Why We Tap

Tapping on the head allows the brain to focus on and repair the link.  Tapping gently interrupts the natural flow and rhythm of the nerves and cerebrospinal fluid, thus allowing the body to change its relationship with that organ, endocrine, or body part.  It’s like pressing the “reset” button on your computer.  Tapping on the chest invites the heart to store the changes.  The heart is the master organ of the body, and as such, will make the changes lasting and permanent.

End of Session

The body knows when it’s had enough.  As the body’s innate wisdom guides the session, it becomes aware of exactly how many changes it can incorporate at a time.  Some sessions last for 45 minutes to an hour.  Other sessions contain only a few links and last 15 minutes.  It just depends on the body and what it is capable of changing at that time.  The most important thing to know is that BodyTalk can profoundly improve your health in a few short sessions.  And it can do this in a completely non-invasive, safe way without drugs or machines.  Priority is a very important concept when it comes to healing.  For many people, there may be a laundry list of ailments (“my back hurts, my sinuses are congested, I have a fungus growing on my left third toe, and I crave sugar every afternoon”), one of which may be the person’s chief complaint that compelled them to seek treatment.  But in which order should the practitioner address these complaints?  Does it matter?  If lasting healing is valued, then yes, it does matter.

Sometimes several steps are necessary to prepare the body.  Sometimes it is necessary to accomplish one thing before you can go on to another thing.  For instance, if you wanted to do a triathlon, you’d have to train for several months beforehand.  Otherwise, you’d never make it through the first event.  In the same way, if you came in for a BodyTalk session because you were experiencing adrenal burnout, you would probably not address the adrenals first; rather, you might need to do several links first before your adrenals were addressed in the session.

Where’s the problem?

This issue of priority is of ultimate importance in BodyTalk because even though a health care practitioner may be excellent at diagnosing an illness, they may not thoroughly understand the nature of the problem.  Only the body knows the true source of illness and how to change it.  Many times, the root cause of pain or disease in one part of the body is a disharmony in another part of the body.  There have been many instances in my practice in which thyroid dysfunction was caused by an allergy to a certain food, or where continuous itching was caused by an emotion, and where pain and inhibited range of motion was alleviated by treating something on the other side of the body.

Here’s another example: Think what would happen if someone came to a regular doctor complaining of indigestion.  Underneath that indigestion, however, is the fact that this patient just came from lunch with their father, with whom they’d just had a terrible argument.  The practitioner gives them some sort of medicinal for the indigestion.  The patient takes the supplement, and it relieves the indigestion temporarily, but it comes back the next day.  On the other hand, imagine a BodyTalk session with this patient.  He comes in after lunch with his horrible indigestion.  The practitioner may be thinking, “Oh, I bet we’ll be linking the stomach to the colon,” but regardless of the practitioner’s perceptions or opinions, the client’s body guides the practitioner to Active Memory, the section of the protocol chart that deals with beliefs, events, and fears, and brings up the argument with the client’s father.  Of course, the practitioner has no idea that the argument has occurred; the patient has not mentioned it.  The practitioner is simply following the body’s lead to release the most important items according to the body’s priority.  And once the root of the problem is addressed, the problem resolves itself.