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Naturopathic Workshops and Seminars

FERTILITY AWARENESS SERIES      $50-$150 per person or couple

Fertility Awareness

Our bodies give us simple fertility clues that pass us by if we don’t know what they are or how to look for them. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about fertility, reproductive cycles, and how to accurately and practically assess your fertility to either avoid or achieve pregnancy.  Learn how to record this important information and have the answers you need to your fertility questions. The cost is $75 per person or couple.

Preconception I and Preconception II classes give you the basic knowledge and practical skills to optimize your conception efforts and start your family out on the healthiest path possible.  Did you know that the most critical time for early fetal development in terms of maternal nutrients and toxins is actually before conception?  What are the safe levels of common nutrients?  Are you getting enough protein for optimal growth?  Get the answers to all these questions and much more. Preconception I gives you in-depth knowledge about diet, nutrition, supplementation, and things to avoid while you’re trying to conceive. Preconception II focuses on exercise, hydrotherapy, sleep, and stress-reduction.

These two workshops are independent and can be taken in any order. Each class is $50 per person or couple.

Sign up for all 3 classes and receive a discounted rate of $150 per person or couple.

This series is held every month. Contact us to register today!

VACCINATION WORKSHOP     $40 per person or  couple

Two-hour interactive workshop offered quarterly by Dr. Michelle Gerber.

Attending this informative and interactive event will provide you with extensive knowledge on these difficult decisions affecting your family’s health.  Current research, theoretical issues, individual vaccines and practical scheduling advice will be discussed.   Come with questions and leave feeling confident in your direction.  Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss this controversial topic with a caring professional.

The next Vaccination Workshop will be offered in May 2012.


Four-week medically supervised detox series offered monthly at Balance Westside Wellness by doctors from Balance Naturopathic Healthcare.

Embark upon a ten- or 21-day cleansing program designed to meet your individual health goals.  Attending our four-week series on Tuesday evenings will provide you with a medical intake, bloodwork assessment, four class sessions for education and support, a 10- or 21-day nutritional regimen, a detox notebook, and a great sense of empowerment.  Supplements are an additional cost and range from $70-$200 depending on the program you choose. Pre-detox bloodwork is required and is $69. If you’ve had recent bloodwork done you may be exempt.

Detox Workshops are held every month and begin the first Tuesday of each month. This class is scheduled by appointment only & 1st come 1st serve.

Contact us to register, or receive updates about these events via Twitter, Facebook, or our mailing list.