Annual Holiday MediSpa Event
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
between 3pm – 8pm

Check out the Services and Packages that are being offered!!!


Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Facial (15 min)
Heal your skin and unveil a youthful glow just in time for the holidays with a completely natural, anti-aging facial composed of soothing herbs and clays.

Body Talk Mini Session (15 min)
A form of energy medicine that addresses chronic and acute health problems by re-connecting and recalibrating the body’s natural energy pathways that get disrupted due to internal and external stresses.

Acupuncture Treatment (15 min)
Will promote chi movement and body balance, while decreasing stress, and is customized especially for your personal health and well-being.

CranioSacral Session (15 min)
A gentle non-invasive bodywork session that addresses the cerebral-spinal fluid to protect your entire nervous system and while relieving pain and stress.

Happy Hands & Feet Soak (25 min)
A warm Epsom salt foot bath with essential oils will soothe away the day’s stress, while experiencing the healing power of Castor Oil for dry and chapped hands.

Potential Add-On Services
You can choose one or more of these when you confirm your reservation or on the day of the Medi-Spa

B12 Energizing Shot (Regular $25 / Medi-Spa Price $15)
B12 + B Complex Shot (Regular $30 / Medi-Spa Price $20)
Immune Booster Shot (Regular $40 / Medi-Spa Price $30)
15 Minute Chair Massage ($15)

Medi-Spa Packages

Copper Package #1 $20.00
Choice of 1 Medi-Spa Service

Bronze Package #2 $35.00
Choice of 2 Medi-Spa Services

Silver Package #3 $50.00
Choice of 3 Medi-Spa Services

Gold Package #4 $65.00
Choice of 4 Medi-Spa Services

Platinum Package #5 $80.00
Choice of 5 Medi-Spa Services

Bells & Whistle Package $95.00
Indulge in all 5 Medi-Spa Services
Plus 1 Add-On Service

Everyone gets a Refreshing Drink from our Elixir Bar and a Gift Bag!

Call now to Reserve your Spot! (310) 914-5010