Natural Fertility and Prenatal Care

Optimal Fertility Health Program

This is a comprehensive health care program designed to enhance the fertility of anyone, with tailoring to meet your specific health needs and fertility goals. Optimal Fertility is a program that incorporates three distinct phases, for a total of fifteen months. While best results are achieved with complete program adherence, it is possible to enter at any of the three phases:

  • Phase 1: Optimal Preconception (3 months prior to actively attempting conception)
  • Phase 2: Optimal Conception (6 months of active attempts to conceive)
  • Phase 3: Optimal Enhanced Fertility (6 months of advanced active conception).

Optimal Fertility at Balance is the most complete of its kind. This program includes:

  • A schedule of healthcare visits with a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor who will supervise your care and head your fertility healthcare team, incorporating safe nutritional and other natural support for a healthy pregnancy and beyond
  • A comprehensive fertility-directed history and physical examination
  • Complete fertility labwork assessment and diagnostics, including hormones, nutrient status, food allergies, heavy metals and more
  • Classes in Fertility Awareness, Preconception Self-care, and Detoxification Cleansing
  • To further optimize conception, there is integrative access to Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Body Work, and Stress Management available for adjunctive care to optimize conception at Balance Westside Wellness

Whether you are just starting on your family’s journey and you want to give yourself the gift of the healthiest pregnancy/birth/baby possible, or you’ve traveled far down the road of fertility without yet finding your way, Optimal Fertility with our Naturopathic Healthcare Team at Balance Westside Wellness is the ideal place for you. And we can work with your Reproductive Endocrinologist to enhance all of your fertility options.

Naturopathic Prenatal Care Health Program

No matter where you are receiving your primary prenatal care, you and your baby deserve the optimal complete support available at Balance Naturopathic Healthcare.  Each trimester brings an opportunity for balance and prevention, as well as its own set of potential symptoms that can be dealt with naturally.  Make sure you are getting the nutrients that you and your baby need, avoiding toxins properly, doing all you can to prevent allergies, getting the correct amount of exercise, preparing for the most optimal labor and delivery, and more. Receive expert advice and care throughout your pregnancy and postpartum from Naturopathic Doctors who are also practicing midwives: Dr. Michelle Gerber offers midwifery services through TLC Midwifery.

The topics discussed in the Balance Prenatal Support Program include:

  • First trimester:  proper supplementation and diet, avoiding toxins, preventing/treating nausea and other first trimester woes
  • Second trimester:  healthy exercise, preventing childhood allergies, planning for the birth
  • Third trimester:  preparing for labor, preventing tearing, optimal sleep, postpartum preparation

Because the nine months of pregnancy involve massive changes to a woman’s mind, body, and spirit, pregnancy massage is also offered at Balance. Pregnancy massage is an art form that promotes physical and emotional well-being for both mother and child.   Jill Heinrich, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner, is an impeccably trained and highly qualified professional who meets the needs of expectant mothers at each stage of pregnancy.